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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

In the Online store “http://www.avpro.lt/” you can order goods at any time of the day, any day of the week. You can choose the most convenient delivery method, when ordering the goods: it can be delivered to your home or you can withdraw the goods by yourself in one of our stores - Klaipeda or Vilnius. Client will be informed about ready goods by the telephone indicated in the ordering information. If the product is currently not in the store, we will bring it and inform you in 1-5 business days when you can come to withdraw the goods.

The cost of delivery in Lithuania* territory:

-Orders up to 100 Eur cost 5 Eur

-Orders for 100 Eur and more cost free

*Goods delivery to Kursiu Nerija cost extra 40,55 Eur. 

Delivery takes from 2 to 3 days after your payment and money transition to the UAB „AVPRO“ account.

Goods are delivered to the buyer using Venipak Quick courier service or any other our authorized delivery courier. The buyer is obliged to check the consignment for completeness and condition of the goods, when taking the delivery. After accepting the goods and signing the delivery documents of the shipment without any comments, it is assumed that the items in the package are orderly, the shipment was presented in appropriate and neither party has no claims  for the shipment of the goods. Without performing the following actions, we do not accept liability for:

1. damage goods, if such violations are not factory defect.

2. inappropriate trade equipment, if these discrepancies can be set during the external review of the goods.

Goods weighing more than 30 kg are delivered only to the recipient's home. Bulky and / or heavy goods carrying up-to-door service costs 15 EUR. This additional service is necessary to inform the development of custom - notes. Also to warn the manager who will handle your order. The payment for this service has to be paid separately.

When receiving the delivery, the buyer must submit an identity document. If the person does not meet our existing data about the customer or if it appears that during the ordering the given information about customer identity was false or does not fit the reality, or the person receiving the goods has not reached the age of 16, we have the right to refuse to deliver the goods to the customer without any legal consequences. We are not responsible for data entry errors or omissions made, so we recommend to fill out everything very carefully and re-check your registration details and delivery address.


We do everything we can, to ensure the delivery in time of order and paid goods. However, delivery delays may occur due to conditions beyond our control or due to unforeseen circumstances. Neither "http://www.avpro.lt/", nor our nominated shipper or the carrier can't completely ensure that your purchase reaches you in predetermined delivery period. We also do not accept liability for any consequences which may result in later delivery of the goods than our page specified delivery period. The purchaser takes total loss and risk of damage on the delivery date and time.